How to Get A Complication-Free LASIK Surgery

How to Get A Complication-Free LASIK Surgery

Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis, or better known as LASIK, is an advanced type of refractive surgery that carries advantages over other dated methods. Lesser pain after surgery and faster, more noticeable results are just some of the benefits patients enjoy after going under the laser. Using a microkeratome blade and an excimer laser to work on the eye’s cornea, the LASIK technique and its many variations have allowed more precise eye operations that eliminates most minor and some major vision problems.

But first things first, you have to understand that this is still not a perfect procedure. Although it does have a very low rate of failure, there are some issues to address so you yourself can reduce the LASIK risk of any post-operation complications.

In any medical surgery procedure, you should be prudent enough to ask for the services of a skilled and capable practitioner. The same can be said for LASIK surgeons; always look for doctors who have performed a great number of operations so you can be confident enough to conclude that they know what they are doing.

Not everyone can be a candidate for LASIK eye surgery. With that said, it is vital that you fully cooperate with your doctor in the screening process. Do not take rejection personally, because LASIK surgery cannot be forced on ineligible patients for the risk of permanent damage. Even if the doctor would like to make a profit, they must still prioritize your well being over everything else. They should also be completely willing to share with you the favorable and possible undesirable outcomes that can occur. Your job then is to take all this information in and understand it so you will have no regrets or misunderstandings down the road.

Obviously, LASIK eye surgery is being pondered upon by people with vision trouble. If you are one of those potential patients who are wearing contact lenses, it is highly recommended that you not use them for several weeks before the operation. This is because contacts hinder the cornea from taking in oxygen normally, and would result in the buildup of blood vessels. This condition, which is called corneal neovascularization, will amplify the risk of inflammation when LASIK eye surgery is performed. Plus, the eye will need a longer healing period.

It is said that the LASIK technique presents a swifter recovery process, but you should still be very careful when taking care of your eyes, post-operatively. Most LASIK specialists advise their patients to stay home and rest for a certain number of days, depending on the situation. This is to reduce the possibility of having the corneal flap, which was cut during the operation, totally come off, leading to further complications and possible infection.

LASIK eye surgery is truly a technological wonder with impeccable vision correction results. You should proceed with caution, however, as there are risks. Understanding the procedure and its possible issues will pay dividends, making for a pleasant and complication-free LASIK experience.

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  1. Mark Says:

    LASIK Surgery has become quite common and the percentage of failures is minute when compared to past. Most of the people prefer LASIK surgery becoz they can avoid lens and glasses when used.LASIK surgery has gained popularity and suggested by many optometrist. I use contact lens and planning to go for surgery as i have constant sight since last year.

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