The Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery

The Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery

More and more often these days, clinics are advertising that they can provide LASIK vision correction for as low as $1000 per procedure, including both eyes. For a highly specialized procedure, this amount is extremely cheap, and this could prove indicative of the quality of the surgeries done by these clinics.

Even if the LASIK clinic is legitimate and competent, it’s important to remember that very few people actually qualify for these low teaser rates. Be wary of these advertisements; you may not even be granted this rate because you do not fulfill the requirements as stated in the contract’s fine print.

LASIK laser eye surgery costs are definitely not cheap. Rates are typically established for each eye, you can commonly expect to pay between $1500 and up for a quality procedure. Due to its popularity, the demand for the LASIK procedure has risen steadily, thus pushing LASIK surgery prices upwards as well. The past five years have seen a steady increase in LASIK prices, but recently, the costs have stabilized.

The cost of LASIK surgery varies for each person because there may be some instruments or procedures that one can get but others cannot. A good example would be the LASIK wavefront technology, a relatively new innovation that creates a map of your eyes. This can be considerably more expensive than simply using a microkeratome blade like in traditional LASIK procedures.

When wavefront technology is used on the patient, it usually entails the use of intralase as well. In this case, a very fine laser beam is used to create flap in the eye instead of cutting the eye with a blade. Intralase LASIK is said to be safer than the traditional LASIK procedure. However, it is also much more expensive. You may need to pay a minimum of $2000 for each eye, with some clinics even asking for more.

Traditional LASIK eye surgery, also referred to as microkeratome procedures, are often more affordable. It is not unusual to be asked to pay a minimum of $1000 for each eye, and many will charge as much as $1500 per eye. The decision to have either intralase or microkeratome LASIK depends on the assessment of your LASIK doctor and how much you set aside for the operation.

It helps to be fully informed about the whole LASIK process in order to understand how the doctor or clinic arrived at their costs. Usually, they have a base amount, which will steadily increase as variations are added to the procedure. If you have a strict budget for your LASIK vision correction procedure, make sure to ask for a complete quote that includes required payments, from the initial consultation up to post-operative eye care.

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