The Dangers of LASIK

The Dangers of LASIK

The large number of LASIK clinics that offer vision correction procedures is an indication of just how popular this treatment has become. For those who have lived most of their lives under the mercy of eyesight problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, LASIK is alluring. The promise of LASIK is indeed very inviting, but before you decide to have it, you must be aware of the LASIK risks so that you won’t regret your decision. This article will discuss some of the more common complications that LASIK patients have had in the past.

Corneal ecstasia, or the build-up of fluid pressure in the eyes, is one of the LASIK side effects. The only treatment for this condition is to have a cornea transplant. This is a very serious complication, and you should ask your prospective LASIK surgeon about the possibility of developing this condition. This is definitely a bigger problem than the one you had prior to LASIK surgery!

While it is rare, patients who have chosen an incompetent LASIK MD can end up with bigger problems after the surgery. They can have complications as serious as the one described above, or worse, they can lose their eyesight altogether. Make sure that the doctor you get has had a solid reputation of performing successful LASIK operations in the past.

Other minor LASIK complications include vision glare and seeing halos around lights. The LASIK patient may also have double vision after the surgery. While these LASIK complications do not seem very serious, it can actually alter the way you experience life. Usually, additional surgery or wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses cannot fix these problems. The eyes are the most fragile part of the body – be careful whom you trust them with.

Another complication that may arise is the development of severe LASIK dry eye syndrome after the surgery. This condition hampers the eyes’ ability to produce enough tears for keeping the eyes moist. This can cause severe damage to the eye, and it is also very uncomfortable. Your vision may also be impaired in the long run because the images you will see will be blurred. You may have to put eye drops or plugs on your eyes to prevent further damage.

Finally, remember that, as with all operations, there can be a margin of error. The operation may not work to your satisfaction, along with spending so much for an operation that doesn’t amount to much. LASIK surgery does not usually promise perfect vision but it only improves it. Thus, there is a chance that the operation will not have a positive effect at all. You may still need your contact lenses or eyeglasses after the procedure.

These problems often arise from choosing an incompetent doctor who does not have sufficient training in LASIK vision correction. Before choosing the LASIK clinic and physician, prepare yourself to spend as much as $2,000 or more. Be wary of clinics that offer cheap LASIK procedures – they may just be compensating for inexperience. When looking for the physician to perform the operation, remember that LASIK costs should not matter as much as the quality and success rate of the physician’s operations.

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