The Different Faces of LASIK

The Different Faces of LASIK

LASIK vision correction surgery is an effective but expensive procedure. It can set you back by as much as $2,500 for each eye. These costs vary according to the skills and experience of the LASIK doctor, and the type of LASIK technology that will be used on you. The LASIK clinic will give you a variety of options, and it is up to you to choose which would best fit the requirements of your eyes and the budget you have allotted for the operation. The different types of LASIK surgeries are:

1. PRK
While technically not a type of LASIK procedure, PRK is a popular alternative to LASIK. Here, the surgeon will remove your eye’s epithelium through the use of a metal tool. PRK usually has an extended recovery time as compared to LASIK because the epithelium should be given an ample amount of time to grow back. It can also be more uncomfortable than LASIK eye surgery. The results may also take some time before they can be seen.

While the original LASIK procedure uses a surgical blade to separate the cornea’s outer layer, in LASEK, alcohol is used. The operation will then proceed as in the original procedure: a laser will change the surface of the cornea then the outer layer will be put back into place. This is also suitable for people who have thin corneas because the risk will be reduced considerably through the dispensing of the microkeratome blade. One downside to this procedure is that sometimes, the alcohol may cause inflammation or eye irritation.

3. Epi-Lasik
In contrast with LASEK and the original LASIK operation, Epi-Lasik uses a fine plastic surgical blade, thus reducing the risk of creating a flap on the cornea that is too wide. Epi-Lasik removes the risk of inflammation and eye irritation, and it is also suitable for those who have problems in the structure of their eyes.

4. IntraLasik
Also called Blade-Free or All-Laser LASIK, this variation gets rid of the use of any blade, whether it is plastic or microkeratome. Instead, it lets lasers do all the work. This has provided some assurance for people who are afraid of the possibility of the surgeon making an error in cutting the epithelium with only his or her hands. However, there may still be other complications. The laser, though controlled by software, can still make some errors. Also, light sensitivity was a side effect reported by a small number of patients. Its costs can also be considerably higher as compared to other forms of LASIK surgery.

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