Life After LASIK: Post-Operative Eye Care

Life After LASIK: Post-Operative Eye Care

Any patient who is considering having LASIK vision correction surgery has two very big responsibilities. The success of the procedure lies on the ability of the prospective patient to fulfill these duties. First, you must actively seek out an excellent LASIK surgeon who already has sufficient experience in conducting the procedure. Second, you should know everything about post-operative care of the eyes, as you must follow them religiously to ensure that your operation will be a complete success. A large percentage of patients who have undergone LASIK eye surgery have had great success; more than 90% of patients have reaped all the benefits of a successful surgery. Side effects can be avoided, as long as you follow the right regimen after LASIK surgery.

Fulfilling the first responsibility can make the second a lot easier. After all, an excellent doctor will take the time to explain post-operative eye care to you in detail. You will be given specific dos and don’ts that you have to follow for the duration specified by your doctor. These procedures should be discussed as early as your first visit. Your doctor will then remind you about proper post-operative eye care on the day of the operation.

You have the right to be fully informed about anything and everything that will be done to you during the operation. Ask your doctor about possible unwanted consequences, like permanent side effects, during your consultation. A good doctor knows how long the side effects will last and the discomfort you may experience after the procedure. Some of the common side effects that may happen are fluctuating vision and light halos. These are not permanent, so it need not be a cause for worry.

Different doctors give different post-operative care tips, but the general recommendations of any doctor are as follows:

1. Rest. Directly after the procedure, you should give your eyes time to heal. You will be encouraged to sleep, because this will facilitate the eyes’ healing.

2. Avoid any contact. You might be tempted to scratch, rub, or bump your eye if it feels itchy. This is strictly prohibited because your eyes need to heal on their own. Additional stress will definitely hamper their healing.

3. Avoid over-reading. After the procedure, you might be tempted to test your eyes by reading faraway signs or texts that you were not able to read before. Try to resist this temptation as much as you can.

4. Lubricate. Your eyes will probably experience some dryness while they’re healing. When you walk out of the doctor’s office after the surgery, you will be given eye drops. Follow the doctor’s instructions about application of the lubricant.

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