Sweating Out the Details From Your LASIK Surgeon

Sweating Out the Details From Your LASIK Surgeon

If you ever decide to undergo LASIK eye surgery, you’ll be leaving your eyes in your surgeon’s capable hands. So you shouldn’t have to question his or her competence. You should have total confidence in your preferred LASIK surgeon. Below are some of the principal questions you should have answered by the surgeon involved, so you can ensure yourself of the best possible outcome.

Start by inquiring about their qualifications. Experience is very much a huge factor in determining the abilities of a medical practitioner, and in the case of LASIK surgeons, they should be performing the technique for three years, at the very least. There are several procedures using the LASIK technique, so ask about the most frequently practiced. Overall, the accepted average of refractive procedures done by a competent LASIK surgeon is around 500.

It’s good to know the number of cases they have solved, but you should also learn how much of these were successful. Your main categories should be patients who have attained at least 20/40 vision, and those who have achieved 20/20. Don’t worry, because the Quality Standards Advisory Committee already has pegged an average for you to compare with. For 20/40 vision, it is 90 percent, and 65 percent is the number for 20/20. Also take into consideration the percentage of patients who have developed complication at least six months after the procedure (the average for this is 3 percent). No matter what the doctors shows you, always ask for evidence to back up their figures.

You should understand that not all people are suitable candidates for LASIK eye surgery. There is a selection process that should be properly followed in order to determine candidacy. With that said, request for the total of patients that the doctor has rejected. This is necessary in finding out if the surgeon abides by those guidelines. Remember, they should have at least 1 rejection, as it is considered impossible to have none at all. Since LASIK involves a piece of equipment, there should also be a guarantee that the technology the LASIK surgeon is using is FDA-approved. Learn how the tools are utilized, as well, so you can make an informed decision about the appropriate equipment.

Going back to the aforementioned requirements for eligibility, your LASIK doctor should also be able to tell correctly if you’re a good candidate or not. Your age, medical history and vision problems suffered within a year are some of the factors that they should consider, in addition to further eye examinations. To prepare yourself for the worst, the surgeon should be willing to tell you of the possible complications that can occur after LASIK surgery. As for you, it is your job to understand these LASIK risks so you can avoid having unnecessary confrontations with your surgeon.

Do not mince words in asking about LASIK itself. The LASIK surgeon should be able to give you information about the operation and the recovery process. There are patients who have experienced some level of discomfort, but it should eventually disappear within a certain number of hours after surgery. The surgeon must also have a prepared outline of post-operative care procedures that will help you during the healing process. This will include things like what you can wear to protect your eyes and the particular time required for healing.

Finally, no medical operation is easy on the wallet. But some LASIK surgeons do make their services more attractive by offering you payment plans. You can then take advantage of such deals as low to zero-interest monthly payments, and the like.

Remember that it’s always best to have done everything in your power to make sure you have the finest LASIK eye surgery available. Make the effort to squeeze out everything from your doctor. This will also reveal their knowledge regarding the surgery, letting you know if they are capable enough to work on your eyes.

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