Now that you have taken the all-important, life-changing, step of undergoing LASIK surgery, there are a few important small details you must remember in order to make the most out of the procedure.

Here are five things you should NOT do after undergoing LASIK surgery:

Do not drive. Your LASIK doctor will prohibit you from driving after the surgery. The restriction period may vary depending on how well you are healing. Most patients are allowed to drive short distances, 48 hours after the procedure. Some patients experience sensitivity to light, so they must wear sunglasses during the day. Depending on your line of work, you may also need to take a leave from work for four days following the procedure. Resting your eyes is important to the healing process.

Do not miss post-operative appointments. Make appointments with your LASIK surgeon for post-operative exams.  It is important to check the healing of the eyes. These appointments are usually made one week, one month, and three months after LASIK surgery. Keeping these appointments is critical to assess your progress.

Do not wear eye make up. Most LASIK doctors will advise you not to use any makeup for 48 hours after surgery. You may resume putting on eye make up after one week or whenever your surgeon gives you permission. Following this rule is important because make up can enter the eye and cause infection.  Worse, it can even damage the eye if you accidentally poke it with a make up applicator.  Patients may shower but should not use soap or any facial wash for two to three days after the surgery.

Do not touch your eyes. After LASIK surgery, your doctor will recommend that you not touch your eyes.  LASIK patients are generally given an eye shield to wear while sleeping. This helps prevent accidental poking or rubbing while sleeping. Touching the eyes may cause contaminants to enter them and increase the risk of infection.

Do not engage in strenuous activities. Normal activities may be done with caution 48 hours after LASIK surgery. Light workouts, such as golf are allowed about a day after LASIK.  Any outdoor activity should be done with protective eyewear. Reading and watching television are also allowed 24 hours after surgery.  However, these activities may cause drying of the eyes so eyes should be moisturized with eye drops. LASIK dry eyes are not uncommon after surgery. After seven days, you may resume with more strenuous activities. If you are an extreme sports enthusiast consult your doctor about when these sports can be allowed. Timeframe can be at least three months after LASIK surgery.